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A pirate looked straight at the sea, his lips trembling, his throat dry, and said, “My illusion?” No, it can’t be, even the sea is cut off? ”

“You read that right, indeed, a slash cut off the sea. Moreover, it has not healed for a long time, what a terrible force and aftermath. ”

“Is this the second man to escape from Advance City, Leon? It’s also terrible. ”

“My God, what a terrifying figure we provoked, his sword directly took hundreds of lives, how many people are not enough to kill!”


Countless pirates were terrified.

When they saw the first slash urged by Li Ang, the fear in their hearts was infinitely amplified.

More than a hundred people died under this slash.

Together, the sea was cut open.

You can still see a clear crack today, people can see the traces of the sea cracking, and under the seabed, the sand and gravel are clearly visible.

This slash directly crossed this sea.

Exactly how far away it is, people here simply cannot see through.

Because what they see when they stand on the edge of the coast is an endless rift, and the vision they can see can see a sea surface crack, effectively containing the sea on both sides.

One second.

Two seconds.

The re-pouring of the sea water ‘la-la-la’ back, which made up for the rift caused by the slash just now, the spectacular scene, people in this life, I am afraid that they can not forget.

Together with the five members of the Blackbeard Pirates, including Blackbeard Tichy, they all stared blankly at the sea, and they did not come to their senses until the sea re-healed the cracks.

There was silence!

“This Li Ang’s strength seems a little too terrifying.”

Lafitte smiled a little nervously, looking very apprehensive.

If this slash hits him, he will definitely not be able to dodge it, and he will be killed here on the spot.

“Even I’m afraid it’s hard to block this move.”

Blackbeard Tichy’s face was heavy and he had to admit.

The threat of this slash has already made him a little unsure that he can block it.

Even if it was lawless, the unseen martial arts champion Bashas, retreated in his heart and whispered: “Boss, let’s withdraw?” I always felt that the five of us combined could not shake him alone. ”

“He’s too strong.”

Poison Q was like a sick seedling, but his expression was solemn and he said in a deep voice.

The five people all felt that Li Ang’s terrifying strength was far from being able to resist the five of them joining forces.

“Want to go now? I’m afraid it’s a little late. ”

Blackbeard Tichy shook his head with a wry smile, looked at Li Ang, and said, “From the very beginning, his gaze has never left our side, that is, if we move, we will usher in that terrifying slash.” ”

“Do you think you can dodge it?”

As soon as the words came out.

The other four did not speak, lowered their heads, and their moods became more and more depressed.

Being stared at by Li Ang, they didn’t even have a chance to escape.

In this case, as if, they are in a desperate situation.

Originally, I thought that they could at least retreat with their whole body.

But when they met Li Ang, they knew that all this was just their own fantasy.

Behind Li Ang, the sword hero Dragon Horse was full of admiration and in a high-pitched mood: “The sword art of the adult is too perfect.” However, this is far from the extreme, my lord, I haven’t really used my full strength. ”

That’s right!

Li Ang hadn’t used his full strength yet, and the slash he had just made just now only used Yicheng’s strength.

If it breaks out with all its strength, the shock will be much more than that.

Hogubak and Absalom both smiled and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At least, Li Ang’s shocking swordsmanship made the two of them completely fearless.

How many pirates there are ahead, they are fearless.

Anyway, no one can shake Li Ang’s sword art, and that’s enough.

At this time.

Li Ang held the black knife Qiushui, and his eyes looked at the countless pirates in front of him flatly.

Everywhere the line of sight passed, one by one the pirates lowered their heads and did not dare to speak.

“You want my life? With your current strength, you are not qualified enough! ”

The corners of Li Ang’s mouth moved slightly, and he said lightly.

The hand rose and fell, and the black knife cut through the air.

At the tip of the sword, a sharp slash illuminated this dim environment, like a bright moon, dazzling.


The slash hits a group of pirates in an instant.


A loud bang.

Countless pirates wailed again, and the number of pirates who died in this slash was no less than two hundred.

Moreover, the slash still runs through the entire coast, allowing everyone to see the shocking picture.

The sound of the sea making up for the gap caused by the slash.


The number of pirates adds up, full of fights, less than three thousand.

Almost half of the manpower has been lost.

And the number of deaths is still increasing.

“No, no, don’t kill me!”

“I surrendered, I don’t dare, let me go.”

Most of the pirates chose to beg for mercy, kneeling on the ground and crying.

Li Ang was unmoved, his face was calm, and then he threw out another slash.


Slashing through the crowd, countless pirates were killed on the spot, and even the corpses could not be preserved intact.

Even some were directly cut in two, the whole person was divided into two halves, and the incision was very neat.

Blood was spilled, the ground was stained red with blood, and the smell of blood gradually rose.

Let this place present a terrifying scene, like Asura hell, countless corpses, corpses are strewn across the field, piled up into mountains.

The blood followed the trajectory and submerged into the sea, adding a different flavor to the sea.

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Pirates: The strongest modifier Chapter 056 - SolaraScans (2024)
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