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Hungry Ghost Dao puppet, can absorb Chakra, ordinary ninjutsu has no effect on it.

The Heavenly Dao puppet can release the Mechanical Light Shield Seal, even if it bypasses the absorption of the Hungry Ghost Dao Puppet, there is still a layer of defense of the Heavenly Dao Puppet.

The Asura Dao puppet, currently determined to be in charge of long-range attacks, can release moves such as Thousand Books Needle Rain.

The animal road puppet is probably in charge of the close attack.

“There are two other puppets that have not officially appeared.”

Kiki Kakashi sorted out the intelligence through Fangcai’s battle, and then quickly analyzed it to find a countermeasure.

But the more he analyzed, the more Kakashi Kiki felt puzzled.

At least with his current strength, it was impossible to defeat the Six Dao Puppets, and it was impossible to defeat Luo Shilang.

Don’t…… Did you just throw in the towel?

Kiki Kakashi was unwilling.

“Nope! I haven’t lost yet, there must be a way! ”

“I also want to play a battle with Akai in the final and decide the winner with him!”

Qimu Kakashi has an obsession, that is, in the match, he can divide the victory and defeat with Li Kai again.

Now, he actually wants to “break the sand” here, how can he be willing?!

“I must win!”

“Just trap the Beast Dao, and then avoid the long-range attack of the Asura Dao puppet, rush to the near front, and find a way to directly attack Luo Shilang’s body!” Kiki Kakashi had already thought of countermeasures.

“Hehe, it seems that you are not dead yet?”

Seeing this, Luo Shilang couldn’t help but laugh, one end of his finger was connected to Lan Zhanzhan’s chakra line, and then he manipulated the beast road puppet with the appearance of a rhinoceros to attack Kakashi.

Meanwhile, the rest area of the players.

After the previous match, the winner is watching the match.

“Six Dao Puppets?”

Li Kai looked at the battle on the field, his brows furrowed slightly, and he fell into deep thought.

“Who is this Luo Shilang, I have never heard of such a character.”

Li Kai’s eyes flickered, becoming deep and distant.

He thought of a lot, it was really Luo Shilang’s six puppets, which made Li Kai feel familiar.

Because Li Kai thought of a person… Nagato!

Or rather Payne Six Ways.

“Could it be that Luo Shiro is the Red Sand Scorpion? Now that the Xiao Organization has taken shape, and Nagato has refined the six ways of Payne? ”

To be honest, Li Kai is not too sure about the world line of Hokage today.

Because since Li Kai crossed into the Hokage World, it seems that many detailed world lines have changed.

Those who can refine the six puppets are undoubtedly geniuses in puppet art.

I am afraid that even the existence of Taishan Dou among the puppeteers, Chiyo’s mother-in-law, may not be able to refine the six puppets.

Such a genius made Li Kai only think of one person, that is, the unique achievement in puppetry-the Red Sand Scorpion.

In addition, the Red Sand Scorpion may be organized, and came into contact with Payne Six Dao.

If you contact the six paths of Payne, let the red sand scorpion feel it, follow the inspiration, and thus refine the six puppets, it is completely possible.

The more Li Kai thought about it, the more he felt reasonable, but when he saw Uchiha Obito, who was cheering for Kiki Kakashi, he immediately overturned this speculation.

“Now Uchiha Obito has not been taken away by Uchiha Madara, let alone the appearance of the mask man, and the Xiao organization should still be in the Yahiko era.”

Li Kai remembers that after the outbreak of the Third Shinobi War, Hanzo and Shimura Danzo secretly colluded to kill Yahiko, which blackened Nagato and caused changes in the Xiao organization.

Therefore, at this point in time, the Red Sand Scorpion should not have joined the Xiao Organization, and more importantly, Nagato has not refined Yahiko into “Payne Heavenly Dao”

In this way, the Red Sand Scorpion refined the speculation of the six puppets according to the inspiration of the six paths of Shrinking Payne, and it was self-defeating.

“Not necessarily, because the saying of the six ways was not created by Nagato, but has always been circulating in the ninja world. So…… Luo Shiro, who the hell are you, is it the Red Sand Scorpion? ”

Li Kai’s eyes gradually narrowed, looking at Rojuro who was calmly and calmly dealing with Kakashi Kiki in the field.

With such a talent for puppetry, who else can there be after removing the Red Sand Scorpion.

Suddenly, Li Kai’s brows furrowed, he noticed a strange sense of discord, and always felt that he seemed to have missed something, but he couldn’t remember it.

“The ninja world is so big, the strong and geniuses emerge endlessly, even if it is not the red sand scorpion, it is normal.”

“The problem now is that no matter who Rajuro is, Kiki Kakashi is going to lose.”

Li Kai shook his head, and Kakashi’s defeat was decided.

In the field.

“I can win! I can definitely win! Calm down…… Calm down, Kakashi, you can do it…”

Kakashi Kiki kept cheering himself up while dodging the attacks of the Rhino shaped Beastway puppet.

In the distance, another wave of thousand-book needle rain from the Asura Dao puppet came.

Kiki Kakashi clapped his hands on the ground and cast the Earth Flow Wall, hoping to use the Earth Flow Wall to resist the Senbon Needle Rain of the Asura Road puppet.

As a result, steam erupted from the puppet of the animal road, and it “buzzed”, like a locomotive crashing over.

The soil flow wall was simply fragile in front of the rhinoceros-like animal puppet.


The earth stream wall was smashed, and when he saw that he was about to fly Kakashi, Kakashi was short, and he got under the puppet of the animal path, and thus dodged a wave of Senbon needles.

“It’s now!”

Kakashi’s eyes flashed, and his feet clamped the Beast Road puppet from below, and then his hands were sealed.

“Tu Shu! Huangsennuma!! ”

The Yellow Spring Marsh of Qimu Kakashi naturally does not have the large area of the big snake that also traps the big snake pill, but it is more than enough to trap a rhino-like animal puppet.

At the moment when the Beast Road puppet fell into the Yellow Spring Marsh, Kiki Kakashi immediately rolled out from below.

The more the animal puppet that fell into the Yellow Spring Marsh, the more it struggled, the faster it sagged, and it seemed that for a while, it was impossible to get out of the Yellow Spring Marsh.

“Good! Solved a brute road puppet! ”

Kakashi rolled around on the ground, then immediately got up and looked straight ahead.

“The next attack of the Asura Dao puppet has also entered a cooldown period.”

The cooldown time of the Asura Road puppet attack is also the conclusion that Kiki Kakashi keenly gathered intelligence during the battle.

“Just close the distance in an instant, and then directly attack Luo Shiro…”

“I can win!”

Kakashi’s mind turned, but in fact, it was just a blink of an eye, and he immediately rushed towards Rajuro at the fastest speed.

“Really, Kakashi, people always have ten illusions, and one of them is… I can win, I can do it. ”

When Luo Shilang said lightly, the blue chakra line in his hand changed slightly……_

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Pirates’ strongest emperor Chapter 119 - SolaraScans (2024)
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