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by Katrina Bahl

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Layered drinks in red, white, and blue- perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or any summer barbecue! Non-alcoholic and kid-friendly for your next party!

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Is there something you know how to do, but you are surprised to find out that others have not yet been enlightened? Or maybe a friend does something in front of you that totally blows your mind?

For example, I found out that some people use a fork to skewer an Oreo and dip it in milk. What? I can now dunk and read with ease. Others continually grow green onions on their windowsill. Layered drink how-to is just one of the pieces of useless knowledge that fills my head.

This works well for red, white, and blue, but you can really do this with any color combination.

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How to Make Layered Drinks

The secret to layered drinks is in the sugar content. The second secret to success with layered drinks is to use plenty of ice.

After you add your bottom layer, fill the glass to the top with ice, and pour the second layer slowly and directly on top of an ice cube.

Alternatively, you can pour the drinks over an upside-down spoon to slowly distribute the liquid and create even layers.

Serve these with a Red Velvet Brownie Ice Cream Cake slice or this easy Patriotic No Churn Cheesecake Ice Cream.

July 4th Layered Drinks (3)

Some people have had difficulty finding the White Sobe Pina Colada. Here is a version I made using Gatorade.

Or if you have a bit more time, then try these Frozen Triple Berry Smoothies.

Layered Drinks would be an enjoyable and easy addition to any picnic you are attending or hosting for the Fourth of July holiday this weekend.

I had a few friends ask if they could add alcohol, and I don’t see why not as long as you note the sugar content in your layers. Since I have the kidlets running around, we kept these alcohol-free.

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July 4th Layered Drinks Recipe

Yield: 3 cups

Prep Time: 10 minutes mins

Total Time: 10 minutes mins

Layered drinks in red, white, and blue- perfect for 4th of July! Non-alcoholic and kid-friendly for your next party!


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  • 1 Cup Red CranApple juice
  • 1 Cup White Sobe Pina Colada flavored drink
  • 1 Cup Blue G2 Gatorade
  • Ice


  • Fill your glass 1/3 of the way full with CranApple juice.

  • Fill to the top with ice.

  • Slowly pour the remaining drinks directly on top of a piece of ice.



Layering works with any drinks. Be sure to keep the drink with the heaviest sugar content on the bottom, then build up.

Course: Drinks

Cuisine: American

Author: Katrina Bahl

Keyword: drinks, July 4, kid-friendly, red white blue

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Items Used

I used Starbucks Iced Coffee bottles in these photos. I also include an Amazon link to some pretty glass milk bottles and similar straws.

Some people have had trouble finding the Sobe Pina Colada. I found it at my local grocery store. You could also try a convenience store or gas station.

Red, White, and Blue recipes you may enjoy

I love these Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Bars by Inside Bru Crew Life.

Jell-O is very popular this time of year! Try Red, White, and Blue Layered Finger Jello by Brown Eyed Baker.

Patriotic Peppermint Patties by Mom on Timeout are festive and fun!




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    112 Comments on “July 4th Layered Drinks”

  1. FabienneReply

    I’m a scientist and I just wanted to note I’m not sure how you got your sugar content because the Sobe actually has the highest percentage of sugar per Oz of drink. You can’t just take the amount on the back since the serving sizes are different for each drink. In chemistry you need to adjust for the amount of solute vs. solvent. The sobe is the heaviest followed by the cran apple. Think you just got lucky cuz of the way you poured. Beautiful pics though and still a good idea if executed correctly.July 4th Layered Drinks (6)

  2. RekhaReply

    Thank you for this very creative party drink idea! I am going to attempt this for my next kid party! Thank you very much!

  3. Camila GregoireReply

    Delicioso. Outstanding recipe. Thanks for sharing these 4 Layered Drinks, this one is so amazing.July 4th Layered Drinks (7)

  4. MayaReply

    Do the different types of drinks actually taste good together?

  5. JulieReply

    Are there any substitutes for the sobe drink and the Gatorade? These specific drinks are not available anywhere near me.

  6. AlishkaReply

    Unique kind of Drink “Layered Drink”, Neve seen this before. Will love to try this one. Thanks for sharingJuly 4th Layered Drinks (8)

  7. vamikaReply

    Love this “July 4th Layered Drinks”, these layered drinks seems so amazing and kind of unique stuff.July 4th Layered Drinks (9)

  8. PiroMaxReply

    Summer is coming. Thanks for the idea.July 4th Layered Drinks (10)

  9. Jullie VermaReply

    This is a fantastic drink idea for any red white and blue party. Love it! Thanks for such a lovely post. i will try at my home.July 4th Layered Drinks (11)

  10. Yetişkin sohbetReply

    Thank you soo muchJuly 4th Layered Drinks (12)

  11. LorrieReply

    How would you make these drinks with alcohol?

  12. SimranReply

    😀 I love these! heeee! Nice one 😉

  13. VickiReply

    Pouring slowly over the back of a spoon works really well for layering, too. Just make sure the spoon is very close to the top of the liquid below, and pour slowly. I can’t wait to try these!

  14. PernissaReply

    Once the ice starts to melt do the colors blend together? I was going to make these an hour or so ahead of time and take them to a gathering

  15. Sabrina BReply

    love this, thank you even if not 4th of July, also any thoughts for green for St Patrick’s Day?

  16. StacyReply

    This is a fantastic drink idea for any red white and blue party. Love it!

  17. MollyReply

    Would u be able to use any type of juice for any of the parts? For instance could u use red Minute Maid fruit punch instead of red Cran Apple juice and what would be any other option for white?

  18. MeganReply

    I love this! I am going to change up the colors and use the idea to make “potion” drinks for a Harry Potter party. So much fun!

  19. NatReply

    Do you have to use ice in order for it to work?

    • Katrina Bahl

      I haven’t tried it without ice. I’ve heard that you can use the back of a spoon to pour the drinks over that.

  20. Fox & FlockReply

    Love this! Definitely going to try it out for our 4th celebration. Grown ups are getting red, white and blue sangria, so the kids need something fun as well. Perfect!

  21. Taylor YoumansReply

    where can you find the 1/2 milk bottles

  22. Taylor YoumansReply

    can you use regular Gatorade

    • Katrina Bahl

      You need to use something with less sugar than the bottom 2 layers, so that’s why I used G2.

  23. Taylor YoumansReply

    where can you find sobe pina colada

    • Katrina Bahl

      You can find it online (linked to Amazon above), or at most grocery stores. I would also try a gas station/convenience store.

  24. Holly BuelnaReply

    Hi, this looks so fun, wish to do this on the 4th but where do I find the straws?

    • Katrina Bahl

      Hi Holly. I found them at Target. I also linked to them at the bottom of the post found on Amazon. Thanks for commenting!

  25. Juan CarloReply

    This is so cute! I’ll definitely try this out this coming weekend for a birthday celebration of my niece. Thanks for the ideas.

  26. Julie HenriksenReply

    Love the idea! Had never guessed the sugar levels would be the key! I have saved this for my 17. Mai celebration. Now I just have to find some alternative liquids here in Norway!

  27. Courtney M.Reply

    I finally made this today (as in I’ve been waiting since last year to try them) and I was amazed that I could do this! These are so cool and were a huge hit with my younger brother who was over my house! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Katrina Bahl

      Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.

  28. RobinReply

    great idea, thank you so much! I want to do this this year! 🙂

  29. KatieReply

    Love these drinks! Anyone having trouble finding the SoBe Pina Colada Drink can use the companies product locator to find it in a store by them: https://itemlocator.pepsico.com/sobe/

  30. Mel the Crafty ScientistReply

    Love your blog and this project – so creative and festive and just such a cool idea (like a little science experiment with co*cktails – yum)! Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my roundup of my very favorite July 4th projects. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

  31. JenniferReply

    Katrina, do you know where I can buy plastic 1/2 pint milk bottles? We will serve these at a pool party and cannot use glass. Or can you recommend a plastic cup these would look good in. Thanks!

    • Katrina Bahl

      I’m not sure where you can get plastic. But when you are looking be sure to get something with a wide enough opening for you to get plenty of ice inside. You could try a plastic stemless wine glass perhaps? I hope you have fun making these!

  32. Best KitchenReply

    I like this Layered Drink Recipe, will make together with my son someday.
    Very colourful and inspirasional

  33. JDaniel4's MomReply

    This is such a cool idea! You can talk about the science behind it while you create the drink with your kids.

    • Katrina Bahl

      Exactly! My oldest was fascinated! We’ll have to make it again this summer now that my little guy is older and can understand it better. Thanks for stopping by!

  34. The Cake Lovers (@thecakelovers75)Reply

    This is a great idea for drinks.

  35. Party Craftn MommyReply

    Those straws are adorable!

  36. AllissiaReply

    I made these for the fourth and they were a huge hit! I loved how they turned out, thanks for the awesome idea.

    • Katrina Bahl

      I’m so glad you loved them!

  37. Becky R.Reply

    Awesome! I am going to make these for my fellow nurses while we work the night of the fourth! Kudos for you for finding a place to express your femininity amongst all the boys in your home!!

  38. 1ST Merchant FundingReply

    Hey, just changed to mindful of your blog post by way of The search engines, and discovered that it must be truly beneficial. I am destined to be cautious for the city. I will enjoy when you continue on this kind of later on. Lots of other folks will likely be benefited from your creating. Cheers!

  39. Wendi SReply

    I Love them.

  40. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's PlaceReply

    Thank you for this very creative party drink idea! I am going to attempt this for my next kid party! Thank you very much!

    I have included this in my roundup of fantastic 4th of July craft ideas.

    • Katrina Bahl

      Thanks for sharing!

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