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“Damn, is this the great power of the Dao Ancestor, it’s just a wisp of demonic Dao light transformed by demonic intent, and it actually covers the entire sea of blood!”

Styx’s eyes were scarlet as blood, and the anger in his heart rose, as if it were substance, making the sea of blood boil.

Just when Styx was angry in his heart, in the deepest part of the sea of blood, in a mysterious and obscure time and space, a blood light bloomed slightly.

It was a drop of blood.

A drop of Demon God blood filled with infinite chaotic qi.

I saw that the drop of Demon God’s blood instantly broke through that dark and mysterious time and space and merged into the sea of blood.



Suddenly, as that drop of Demon God’s blood merged into the sea of blood, the entire sea of blood instantly underwent an uncontrollable change.

“Huh? This is? ”

Styx’s heart moved, sensing the majestic supreme power within the sea of blood, far stronger than him now, I don’t know how many times.

That power gave him an extremely familiar feeling, as if it belonged to him by nature, and it seemed to be a great power left over from his previous life.

Just when Styx was in his heart, Luo Xiao’s magic voice sounded again.

“Boy, suffer death, Karma Fire Red Lotus, not Ru can be in charge!”

The next moment, the terrifying light of the Demon Dao, like the light of annihilation, burst through it.

However, the blood-colored figure standing above the endless sea of blood suddenly emitted a fierce and domineering demon sound.

“Want the Buddha-figure to die? Luo Xiao, Ru is still early? The White Emperor’s karma, Ru has occupied the immeasurable robbery time, and it is time to give way! ”

The next moment, an extremely ancient qi machine rose up like a dragon, directly blocking the light of extinction.

“Huh? Ru is not the River Styx, who is Ru? ”

The Luo Xiao Demon Intent within the light of the Demon Dao instantly condensed, and there was a sound of surprise!

In Luo Xiao’s eyes, the red-clothed young man’s body was full of eternal meaning, as if the supreme demon god that had existed since the beginning of the opening of the heavens and the earth, and the divine intention in his body contained a fierce and domineering meaning that he could not ignore.

The Styx looked ancient, and a pair of eyes like a blood moon looked at him with a cold cold light, which made Na Luo Qi’s heart a little inexplicable.

Obviously, this person in front of him was just a top innate god and demon, and he would actually give him this feeling, which made Luo Xiao a little shocked in his heart.

“Who the hell is Ru? Why is this Demon Ancestor a little familiar? In the light of extinction, Luo Xiao’s voice sounded.

Just when Luo Xiao was in a state of doubt in his heart, the young man in red, in his cold eyes, slowly showed a scarlet divine light.

The light of extinction Nairo’s demon voice flickered, as if thoughtful, and at this moment, a strange voice sounded.

“Who is Ru Sayi? Lord of Silence… Luo Xiao! ”

That voice was like a sword fighting, sonorous and powerful, as if it came from an ancient divine voice at the beginning of the primeval period, full of a domineering that could not be ignored.


In an instant, the light of annihilation instantly brightened, the dome shattered, time and space annihilated, and that sound completely shocked Luo Xiao.

The next moment, above the sea of blood, the broken firmament shrouded in infinite darkness, a pair of eyes full of infinite demonic intent emerged, staring at the blood-colored figure below.

“It turned out to be Ru, Lord of Killing!”

An ancient magic sound sounded from the void, as if it was the original origin of the Demon Dao, and there was a touch of coldness in the plainness!

Styx’s eyes were indifferent, and he spat out sonorous sounds.

“It’s exactly the Buddha-figure!”

In those pitch-black eyes, the Dao Rune loomed, and a ray of light lowered, crushing the eternal time and space.

That terrifying light was filled with infinitely powerful demonic intent, like the supreme demon of the ancient beginning, tearing through ten thousand voids.

“It turned out to be Ru, so Ru has returned again, and this Styx is the reincarnation of Ru?”

Luo Xiao’s demon sound filled the ears, resounded through the clouds, rolled up infinite ripples in time and space, and reverberated in the underworld!

“Yes, I am both the Styx and the Lord of Killing!”

The young man in red was hunting in his robe, his expression was indifferent and lofty, and he seemed to be independent of heaven and earth, and regarded all living beings as pigs and dogs!

“No wonder, a congenital god and demon will get the Karma Fire Red Lotus, it turns out to be Ru’s calculation!”

A touch of scarlet flowed in the eyes of the Styx, and an illusory Dao rune was faintly visible: “Since I have returned, Ruke still wants to take my magic weapon?” ”

The pair of eyes moved slightly, and then the ancient magic sound sounded again.

“Naturally not, although Ru’s body is only innate, but if Ru changes back to the Dao Fruit of the previous life, this wisp of demon intent of this demon ancestor is not Ru’s opponent!”

Styx sneered, looked at the light of extinction, waved his hand sharply, the Asura flag shook the sky, the banner hunted, and took away the world-destroying demon light like a heavenly curtain.


In the darkness, the pair of eyes moved slightly, and the rolling aura of destruction filled the heavens and the earth, and the world-destroying demon light in the Asura banner flashed with light, as if it was about to tear the flag and break the bondage.

“This magic intention, the Buddha-figure wants it!”

Hearing the words of the Styx, Luo’s eyes moved slightly, and then an indifferent sound sounded.

“It’s just a wisp of demonic intent, so I gave it to Ru!” I only hope that in the future, Ru will not come to disturb the affairs of this demon ancestor! ”

As that voice sounded, the light of annihilation in the Asura Banner fell silent, no longer flashing light!

At the same time, above the shattered void, the endless darkness receded, and those eyes disappeared!

Styx glanced at the gradually recovering firmament, and then looked at the blood god avatar beyond the sea of blood!

I saw the blood god avatar outside the sea of blood turn into a red light and fall into the depths of the sea of blood.

In the deepest part of the sea of blood, above the red lotus, the Styx sat cross-kneeled, his eyes were cold and emotionless, looking at the light of the demon path that returned to silence in the banner!

If he hadn’t gotten the divine blood of the Lord of Killing this time, I’m afraid he would be robbed today.

Although it was only a wisp of Luo Xiao’s demonic intent, it was enough to deprive him of his origin in the sea of blood!

“Lord of Killing, Lord of Killing!”

Styx sighed slightly in his heart, he never thought that he was actually the reincarnation of the Lord of Killing!

Originally, he thought that he was a traverser, and was brought to the flood by the purple gold sand of the Chaoyuan Avenue, and it took nearly 129,600 calamities to completely take the Styx!

Not at all!

It was when the Lord of Killing and the Heavenly Emperor Yue Jian Clan were fighting in the Chaos Battlefield, breaking a certain restriction in the Chaos Battlefield.

A drop of the God Blood of the Lord of Killing fell into the boundless void turbulence, and after endless years, that drop of God Blood underwent a mutation, and finally became a strange treasure, that is, the Purple Gold Sands of the Mixed Yuan Avenue.

And when the Lord of Killing was dying, he communicated the chaotic divinity in the purple gold sand of the Chaoyuan Avenue, making it come to the flood famine and become the River Styx!

And those so-called past life memories in his mind were just fragments of the evolution of some future avenues captured by the purple gold sand of the Mixed Yuan Avenue in the void turbulence!

And he is actually the River Styx, but the purple gold sand of the Mixed Yuan Avenue covers his memory, and the blood of the Lord of Killing has also become the key for him to open the memory of the Lord of Killing.

Originally, if he wanted to completely recover his memory, he had at least become an emperor-level Chaos Demon God.

However, Luo Qi’s attack forced the Divine Blood of the Lord of Killing to appear in advance and merge into the body of the Styx.

“Maybe, the great calamity has begun, I should also break through!”

The sound of the phantom sounded, the blood wave was fierce, and the blood-colored figure had long disappeared.

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Hong Huang: I, the Patriarch of Styx! Chapter 051 - SolaraScans (2024)
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