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When Qiankun Dao Zu heard this, the corners of his mouth curved for a while, and his expression said leisurely: “Daoyou is a green emperor, and his power is sky-high. How many people have died directly or indirectly at your hands? How could Ru care about this? ”

When the green-robed old man heard this, his brows furrowed faintly, and then he spoke indifferently: “Daoist friends know that I am the Green Emperor, how can you not know that he is a person from the Heavenly Court!” ”

When Qiankun Daozu heard this, the corners of his mouth pouted, and he shook his head helplessly: “It’s okay, just leave his life for the sake of Daoist friends.” ”

The Qing Emperor’s expression remained unchanged and he was indifferent.

“It’s just that Daoist friends let him go, it shouldn’t just be because he is a member of the Heavenly Court, right?”

Qiankun Avenue Ancestor’s eyes showed a look of interest, looking at the blue-robed figure in front of him.

The Qing Emperor looked indifferent, and slowly said: “Daoist friends know, why ask more!” ”

Qiankun Dao Zu smiled, and then looked at the famous existence in front of him with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

Yang Mei’s meaning, he knows very well!

It was nothing more than using the mouth of that innate god and demon to let that Heavenly Emperor know that he Yang Mei had been born again.

It’s just that what Qiankun Daozu doesn’t understand a little is why Yang Mei acts like this, hiding in the shadows, and sitting on the power of the fisherman?

Or is there something else He doesn’t know?

Qiankun Avenue Zu’s eyes were slightly closed, his demeanor seemed to be sleeping or not sleeping, as if he was awake and not awake, and his mind gradually became harmonious with Qiankun Avenue.

On the other side, Yang Mei’s pupils moved slightly, and he glanced at the Qiankun Dao Ancestor who seemed to be sleeping, then withdrew his gaze, looked at the distant firmament, and muttered in his heart:

“I don’t know, help Ru, right or wrong…”

Yang Mei whispered in his heart, as if he was asking himself, and seemed to be asking the Heavenly Emperor who was in the depths of the Heavenly Court and was endlessly far away from him.

At the same time, the person who was at the extreme of the firmament felt and lowered a ray of light.

Vaguely, Yang Mei seemed to hear a majestic voice.

“The world is like chess, only about success or failure, whether it is right or wrong!”

Yang frowned dumbly, shook his head slightly, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Time passed, and after 400,000 calamities, beyond the immeasurable sea of blood, a young man dressed in red slowly came beyond the sea of blood.

The red-clothed boy looked at the dark sea of blood with his eyes and sighed, “Finally back!” ”

Along the way, he walked 400,000 calamities, and in the middle he went to a place where the Fire Demon Bull Chi Wanjun was, leaving behind an innate spirit treasure for him to practice on his own, while secretly subduing some scattered cultivation.

Even if he stared at a dark son in the flood, this move was also his whim, as for which step Chi Wanjun could achieve, it was up to Chi Wanjun to his own.



Endless waves of blood turned the sky, rolling up infinite spiritual energy, and emitting the sound of terrifying waves.

The blood god avatar’s eyes like a blood moon looked at the immeasurable sea of blood that was overwhelming the heavens and the earth, and his brows gradually wrinkled.

I saw that above the vast sea of blood, the rolling bloody qi came from the depths of the void, like ten thousand rivers returning to the sea, and disappeared into the immeasurable sea of blood.

The red clothes were like blood, and the bloody moon-like eyes were cold and terrifying, looking at the bloody qi machine coming from the depths of the void, it seemed to have some understanding.

“The sea of blood is a place where the flood is desolate to the yin and the defiled, and the bloody qi generated in the flood will come to this immeasurable sea of blood over time.”

“It’s just, why are there so few of these bloody gas machines?”

The eyes of the Styx flashed a different color, and he was surprised.

The Age of Gods and Demons, the Age of Fierce Beasts, the Age of Emperors, since the opening of the Flood Wilderness, the bloody qi produced by all fallen creatures will be integrated into the sea of blood.

Now it is the Earth Emperor Age, the killing and calamity has come, and the number of dead creatures is not at all as good as the other early Three Ages, but how can the bloody qi be as rare, not even one-tenth of the early stage of any of the previous Three Eras.

“This killing and robbery began because the White Emperor abandoned the gods and entered the devil, the White Emperor, the White Emperor…”

The Styx looked thoughtful and looked at the Flood West.

At the beginning of the catastrophe, the entire West was plunged into darkness, and its demonic qi, bloody, and extremely rich.

Don’t…… That one is really forging the Four Immortal Swords?

It is rumored that the four swords of the Immortal Immortals are hidden under Mount Meru, absorbing the blood qi machine of the Taikoo Flood Barren and containing powerful energy.



Suddenly, the Blood God avatar frowned.

No, now the Immortal Dao has not been created at all, and the Demon Dao has just appeared, where did the Four Immortal Swords come from?

Could it be that the one did not forge the Four Immortal Swords, but was forging a great killing weapon that did not exist in mythology?


In an instant, an earth-shattering roar resounded over the sea of blood, shaking the hearts of the Styx Buddha-figure and the incarnation of the blood god.

For a time, beyond the sea of blood, in the depths of the sea of blood, two Styx, their bodies trembled at the same time, and they looked up at the sky in unison.


In an instant, the sky was dark, and endless darkness engulfed the heavenly dome at a speed beyond the perception of the Styx.

In that darkness, an indescribable magic path light, in an instant, tore the laws of the avenue around the sea of blood, as if this sea of blood was excluded from ten thousand ways.

The Styx and the blood god turned into gods, their eyes were shocked, and they said in unison: “Demon Zuluo!” ”

I saw that inside the terrifying magic path light, a demon sound filled with infinite domineering energy filled the sea of blood.

“A congenital god and demon, who also dares to spy on the ancestor, dies!”


That magic path light tore through heaven and earth, fell into the depths of the sea of blood, and blasted towards the body of the Styx.

In the depths of the sea of blood, above the red lotus, the Styx looked shocked, and in an instant. Within the sea of blood, two blood dragons burst out, turning into two killing swords, and a dark red flag was raised, it was the Yuantu A-nose Double Sword and the Asura Banner.

“If you want to kill the Styx, even if Ru is a demon ancestor, you have to peel off a layer of Ru’s skin.”

The Styx River was fierce, and between the thoughts, the Asura Banner, the Yuantu A-nose Twin Swords, and the Twelve Pins Flame Red Lotus under his feet all shook in unison.

Zheng! Zheng!

Call! Call!

For a time, the two swords clanged, carrying a violent killing machine to tear through time and space; The banner rolled and bloomed with terrifying blood-red divine light; The red lotus turned, and the infinite karmic fire flew out, like burning the sky and boiling the sea, the four innate spiritual treasures, and at the same time bombarded the light of the demonic path.

Within the light of that demon path, the terrifying magic intent flashed, and a surprised voice came out.

“Styx? A congenital god and demon, there are actually three innate killing spirit treasures, and the twelve pinye fiery red lotus protection? Ru’s luck is really good. Unfortunately, this strengthened the determination of this demon ancestor to kill Ru. ”

As the sound of the demon sounded, I saw that the light of the demon path suddenly burst out with an unprecedented qi machine, and the terrifying light of the demon path directly collapsed Yuantu Anose, overthrew the Asura divine light, and extinguished the red lotus karma fire that the gods and demons feared.

That qi engine, filled with endless great ends, the meaning of great destruction, permeated every inch of time and space of heaven and earth, making Styx’s mind extremely depressed and a little suffocated.


The anger in the heart of the Styx River rose, and the rolling sea of blood seemed to sense the anger that could not be vented in the heart of the Styx, and it suddenly shook.



The entire sea of blood set off hundreds of millions of major waves, as if it was transformed by the anger of the Styx, and its momentum was earth-shattering, but it could not break through the light of the demonic path that covered the sky.

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Hong Huang: I, the Patriarch of Styx! Chapter 050 - SolaraScans (2024)
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