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Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (2)

Hi everyone, I’m Leanne Blackmon from! I started Urban Girl Bakes a couple of months ago, but some of you might have seen me from my fashion blog, Classy Yet Trendy. On that blog, I posted recipes occasionally and noticed that traffic on the recipe posts were really high. So, I thought I would start Urban Girl Bakes, a blog about recipes, blogging and lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my recipes and blogging tips with everyone!

I’m so excited to be guest contributor today on Practically Functional! Jessi has a fabulous blog and I like reading about her recipes, projects and cleaning tips. I also look forward to joining the Creativity Unleashed Link Party each week and seeing other bloggers’ posts.

Today, I’m sharing with you all my Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

This is a copycat version of the “Taco Bell” Mexican Pizza that is so easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious!

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (3)

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (4)

I’ve loved Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza for years now. There’s something about the crisp tortillas, taco sauce, tender tomatoes, and melted cheese that tastes so delicious! I remember years ago when our local Taco Bell added sliced black olives and sliced green onions on the top. Now, they no longer include those toppings.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is my favorite item on the menu. It’s about the only item I get when I go there. My copycat version of the Mexican Pizza is budget-friendly too. You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator to prepare this recipe!

It’s really easy to make! You start off by heating the tortilla shells in a skillet, about 1-2 minutes per side. Then, you heat your refried beans. Spread some of the refried beans all over one of the tortilla shells and place the other tortilla shell over it. Next, you spread taco sauce all over the top of the tortilla shell, add your tomatoes, mexican blend shredded cheese and green onion slices. Bake in the oven just enough to melt the cheese, then voila it’s ready to eat!

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (5)


  • ½ cup refried beans
  • ½ cup canned diced tomatoes, drained
  • ⅓ cup Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • 1 green onion, sliced
  • ¼ cup taco sauce
  • 2 8″ tortillas


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Spray a skillet with cooking spray.
  3. Heat the tortillas 1-2 minutes on each side.
  4. Heat the refried beans.
  5. Spread the refried beans completely on one tortilla.
  6. Place the other tortilla on top.
  7. Place the combined tortillas on a baking sheet.
  8. Spread the taco sauce on the top tortilla.
  9. Add the tomatoes, shredded cheese and onions.
  10. Bake for 8-10 minutes, just until the cheese is melted. Enjoy!

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (6)

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (7)

Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (8)


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Jessi Wohlwend

I believe that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects, regardless of skill or experience. I love sharing simple craft ideas, step by step DIY project tutorials, cleaning hacks, and other tips and tricks all with one goal in mind: giving you the tools you need to “do it yourself”, complete fun projects, and make awesome things!

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Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (17)

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  1. Kathie says

    6 years ago

    This recipe is perfect! To add a little spicy I used beans with jalapeño. Also used ground turkey with homemade taco seasoning to make filling more hearty. Yummy


  2. Marti McCorkendale says

    7 years ago

    you forgot the meat!


    • Anony says

      5 years ago



      • Michelle Nelson says

        4 years ago

        I used to work at a Taco Bell many years ago. The flour tortillas are fried, not baked. This and the taco bowls and chalupa shells (gordita shells) are fried. It’s basically pita bread.


  3. Joslyn says

    7 years ago

    I made this last night but added the Beyond Beef plant-based meat substitute and mixed in some taco seasoning and topped that over the refried beans . I also included sour cream. I am sooo happy I don’t have to miss out on this past-time favorite as it tastes just like the real thing and is awesomely vegetarian. Taco Bell’s refried beans contain lard which is why I chose not to buy even without meat.


  4. Herbert Potts says

    8 years ago

    I tried this recipe and it was delicious!


  5. Cynthia McNeill says

    9 years ago

    What kind of taco sauce did you use? Also, could you add taco meat to the inside? I love taco bell Mexican pizzas, but would rather make them myself. I have 3 sons that would probably prefer having meat on the inside with the beans.


    • Herbert Potts says

      8 years ago

      I used refried beans,rice and taco meat for the filling and rotel diced tomatoes with diced green chilles and taco bell
      mild sauce for the topping along with mexican blend cheese and chopped green onions.


    • Terri Crump says

      7 years ago

      You can put whatever you want in it and it would be fine. Taco Bell’s does have meat meat in it.


  6. The Smelly Lady says

    9 years ago

    YUM! I love those things! They were my favorite when I worked at Taco Bell many years ago, and I have made them a few times since.


  7. Jenna says

    9 years ago

    This looks so good! You can never go wrong with pizza 😉


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Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza || Practically Functional (2024)
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